America consapevole. La reciproca influenza di meditazione e cultura americana

di Jeff Wilson


The Lost Art of Sadness & the Meaning of Love and Grief

di Padmasiri de Silva, Monash University, Australia


Moving beyond Mindfulness: Defining Equanimity as an Outcome Measure in Meditation and
Contemplative Research

di Desbordes, Gard, Hoge, Hölzel, Kerr, Lazar, Olendzki, Vago


Loving-kindness meditation and counseling

Di Monica Leppma, su  “Journal of Mental Health”,  07/01/2012


Loving Kindness Meditation: A Promising Practice for Reducing Stress and Increasing Empathy

di Imre Csaszar and Jennifer R. Curr. Paper based on a program presented at the 2013 American Counseling Association Conference


Disconnect the Dots

di Cynthia Thatcher, apparso su Trycicle


Time & Again

di Adam Frank, apparso su Trycicle


The Present Moment

di Jack Petranker, apparso su Trycicle


When Am I?

di Loch Kelly, apparso su Trycicle


Time and Impermanence

di Victor Mansfield, apparso su


A Wondering Mind is an Unhappy Mind

di Killingsworth and Gilbert, apparso su Science, 2010